Camphor Oil

Cruz Hemp Camphor Oil

Cruz Hemp uses therapeutic Camphor essential oil and pure CBD isolate to formulate the powerful Icy Relief Body Oil Roll-on. Camphor oil has a clean, fresh, and piercing aroma while providing a cooling sensation.


Native to the forests of Japan and China, the fragrant Camphor tree offers potent, oil possessing, medicinal qualities. As the benefits and applications of Camphor oil grew in popularity, the cultivation of these trees has spread all over the world, especially countries with tropical climates where the camphor trees thrive.  

Early varieties of Camphor oil were extracted from the wood and bark of the trees that were fifty years of age or older. However, when producers became aware of the benefits of preserving the environment by avoiding the cutting of trees, they began extracting oils from the leaves and found it to be effective as well, as they had a quicker rate of regeneration. 

Cruz Hemp Camphor essential oil is extracted by passing steam through the foliage and condensing the vapors. Once the Camphor crystallizes and separates from the filtered oil, it is purified through sublimation. The oils are then separated into four categories. The final product is a strong menthol-like oil.


The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of Camphor oil reduce swelling from injuries or stressed muscles when absorbed into the skin barrier. You can dilute and apply Camphor oil generously to the body to relieve aches and muscular discomfort.  

Camphor oil has a rich history in medicine and is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can be used to boost immunity and provide relief from physical and mental stress. Used medicinally, camphor oil can stimulate and boost circulation. Some alternative medicines utilize camphor to aid in digestion, secretion, and metabolism. It can reduce the intensity of physical pain, nervousness, anxiety, and spasms. There is also a legend that says Camphor can stimulate and boost the libido. Popular uses in Ayurvedic medicine include addressing symptoms of colds, such as coughing and vomiting.  Its multi-purpose uses can also help address skin ailments such as eczema, digestive problems, and stress-related concerns.

Camphor Oil Uses

This oil is also used for its numbing effect that topically desensitizes an area of the body affected by pain.

  • Insect bite relief
  • Anti-nausea effects
  • Cold and cough relief 
  • Treats eczema
  • Kills lice
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Treats fungal infections
  • Rash relief
  • Wards off moths in closets
  • Add to a diffuser for brain stimulation

Camphor Oil Products

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Our team at Cruz Hemp values longevity, science and education. We thrive on staying on the cutting edge of research on all developments concerning wellness. We believe in the power of sharing knowledge, stories of transformation, and helping people make healthier choices. 

Cruz Hemp sets new standards by creating the most effective topicals with potent plant extracts, trusted essential oils, and the highest quality CBD isolate. 

All of our products have gone through rigorous testing in our formulation laboratory, in our lives, and the lives of our friends and family.

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