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Cruz Hemp CBD Isolate


Cruz Hemp uses CBD Isolate extracted from American-grown Hemp farmed and processed in the USA. Our Hemp farmers adhere to high standards, ensuring each batch of Hemp biomass is of superior quality, free of heavy metals and pesticides.


CBD is a cannabinoid found in Hemp plants. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam made the first breakthrough towards understanding the effects of individual cannabinoids in 1963, when he successfully identified the stereochemistry of CBD.

Scientific interest in the therapeutic applications of cannabinoids led to the discovery of additional cannabinoids which now number around 113. As scientists gathered data and further understanding of the cannabinoid structure, they made an amazing breakthrough by discovering the human body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) — a network of receptors that interact with receptors found in cannabinoids. Mechoulam’s continued research discovered that CBD lacks any psychoactive effect on the human body like THC, while supplying valuable benefits.

Our CBD isolate is produced with an alcohol extraction method. The extraction is carried out with proper engineering and quality control in order to obtain pure cannabidiol. Extensive measures are taken, through clean chemistry practices, to reduce waste. This process ensures quality and consistency to produce pure CBD isolate while preserving the natural cannabidiol compounds. 




As the Cruz Hemp team researched specific blends of essential oils, we discovered some incredible results when combining essential oils with CBD. The Cruz Hemp line of infused skincare products is the outcome of that journey.

Cruz Hemp explored the potential of combining CBD with therapeutic grade essential oils and organic carrier oils to create skincare solutions. We have discovered that our plant powered topicals make a big difference for our skin health and enhance the overall quality of life.  By applying Cruz Hemp skincare formulas regularly, you can bring balance to your skin’s natural moisture production, feed the skin essential vitamins, and promote homeostasis. Our formulas are simple and pure, using high-quality organic carrier oils blended with superior CBD and therapeutic essential oils.  

Apply our products as often as needed to the area of the body that needs attention. Cruz Hemp’s CBD products start working immediately upon application to help restore skin balance. From the farm, to the lab, to your skincare products, Cruz Hemp is dedicated to bringing you The Power of Nature in a Bottle! 




CBD Isolate Highlights

Our CBD isolate is tested by two independent accredited labs before it reaches our customers. Experience next-generation skincare with our nourishing plant-based formulas. Our formulas are crafted with care and transparency, backed up with lab testing.

  • >98% CBD purity
  • Non-GMO, USA Grown Hemp
  • Double Lab Tested for Impurities
  • Non-Detectable THC levels
  • Sustainble Extraction Methods

Live Your Best Life

Our team at Cruz Hemp values longevity, science, and education. We thrive on staying on the cutting edge of research on all developments concerning wellness. We believe in the power of sharing knowledge, stories of transformation, and helping people make healthier choices. 

Cruz Hemp sets new standards by creating the most effective topicals with potent plant extracts, trusted essential oils, and the highest quality CBD isolate. 

All of our products have gone through testing in our formulation laboratory, in our lives, and the lives of our friends and family.

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