DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

Cruz Hemp’s DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

Living my best life means doing more yoga! Since I’ve been practicing regularly, I realized that my yoga mat was pretty gross. I created this simple DIY yoga mat cleaner to eliminate odor and bacteria, while leaving my mat smelling like heaven! I like to wipe it down before, and after, each workout with this essential oil spray. The smell is fantastic and encourages me to relax into child’s pose without having thoughts of a dirty mat cluttering my consciousness. This spray will not only clean your yoga mat, but it will also enhance your workout with the therapeutic aromas of Cruz Hemp’s pure Tea Tree, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils. 

Ingredients and supplies you will need:

  • 8oz Spray bottle 
  • 5oz of Distilled Water
  • 2oz Witch Hazel
  • Cruz Hemp Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Cruz Hemp Lavender Essential Oil
  • Cruz Hemp Peppermint Essential Oil


  • Add 6-8 drops of Cruz Hemp Tea Tree Oil to your 8oz spray bottle
  • Add 5 drops of Cruz Hemp Lavender Oil
  • Add 5 drops of Cruz Hemp Peppermint Oil
  • After all essential oils are added fill 2oz of the bottle with Witch Hazel
  • Fill the rest of the 8oz spray bottle with distilled water
  • Shake the bottle to thoroughly mix the contents

Your Cruz Hemp yoga mat spray is ready to go! Eliminate the grime, and enhance your workout, with a blast of therapeutic purifying aromas. When you finish your workout apply the Cruz Hemp Icy Relief Body Oil Roll-On for a refreshing blast of icy cool essential oils and superior CBD!


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