Great Savings on CBD Skincare for Friends of Healing Arts Matter

“My clients know- I’m 100% committed to your well being.

I have been using Cruz Hemp myself and in my practice and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! I’m excited to share these high-quality products with you.”

–  Ellen O’Hanlon, Cht., Cmt., Healing Arts Matter, Santa Cruz, CA.

Icy Relief 

“Twenty years of service as a firefighter took a toll on my knees which I felt every morning. Now I apply Cruz Hemp Icy Relief every night before I go to bed/ I’ve tried a big variety of CBD products, but I use Cruz Hemp because it works.”

Robert K - Former NYC Firefighter

Icy Relief

“I’ve been skating and surfing most of my life which took a toll on my lower back. For twenty years I’ve tested everything anyone said would help, but now my search is over. I use Cruz Hemp’s Icy Relief everyday and life is good. I tell everyone.”

Kirk H - Burlingame, CA


“I had Milia spots on my forehead, which disappeared after 5 days of spot treating with Rejuvenate Serum. The scent is also lovely!”

Teddi L - Aptos, CA

Who We Are

Healing Arts Matter

Ellen O’Hanlon began her private practice in 1994 as a certified massage therapist, hypnotherapist, and visual artist. Her twenty years in body/mind healing includes experience in medical, clinical, and spa settings. She has over 2,000 hours of combined training in massage, hypnotherapy, NLP, crystal healing, soft tissue therapy, anatomy, somatic healing, re-birthing, prenatal and postpartum massage, past life regression, psychic healing, Reiki, spiritual counseling, and intuitive readings. Through all these experiences, Ellen has implemented airbrush, acrylic painting, and mixed media art along with personalized healing sessions to demonstrate how creative expression coupled with shifts in perspective can lead to meaningful brilliance.

Cruz Hemp

Our team at Cruz Hemp values longevity, science and education.

With your quality of life in mind, Cruz Hemp holds itself to very high standards and creates the most effective topicals in the world with potent plant extracts, trusted essential oils, and the highest quality CBD isolate.

All of our formulated products start with a consumer need, careful development, internal testing, and then rigorous testing by third party labs. Products are released only after we’ve proven they work for ourselves, our families, and friends. We hope you enjoy and love our products as much as we do, and that you live a long and fulfilled life.



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