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Cruz Hemp Mandarin Oil


Citrus reticulata

Cruz Hemp’s Mandarin oil serves the mind, body, and skin with its many therapeutic benefits and uses. The scent of Mandarin is zesty, tart, joyful, and enlivening. It is refreshing and stimulating. The fruits and uses for the oils are widespread, used in natural medicines, food, skincare, aromatherapy, and perfume.


Studies reveal that Mandarin is one of the oldest citrus plant species from the Rutaceae family, a sub-tropical tree. A core ancestral fruit, Mandarins originated from south China and Japan. The fruits have been cultivated for well over 3,000 years. The fruits are commonly a part of the Chinese New Year celebrations and are associated with good fortune. Varieties of Mandarin oranges migrated out of China into the west in the 1800’s. 

Mandarins are mostly harvested for food, only a small percentage of Mandarins are cultivated for the production of essential oils. Cruz Hemp’s Mandarin essential oil is cold-pressed from the peel of the fruits. The fruits are harvested before they ripen in early winter. There are a few varieties of Mandarin essential oil that differ based upon the climate the fruit was grown in and the extraction method, along with what parts of the plant the oils came from. The best quality oil comes from the rinds of the fruit.


Historically, Chinese medicine has valued Mandarin orange oils for regulating liver functions, chest pain, insomnia, and aids in indigestion. Ancient medicinal remedies were made from the fruits and bark of the trees for treating lung conditions, coughs, and colds for both young and old. The oil’s composition is high in Vitamin C and limonene, and is said to be great for boosting the immune system.

Our Rejuvenate formula utilizes Mandarin oil for brightening the skin and neutralizing free radicals. It is wonderful for aging skin and reviving your skin’s youthful glow. Antioxidant-rich, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory, Mandarin oil is excellent for blemished skin, evening out skin tone and boosting circulation. Add a few drops to your face cream or carrier oils for its radiant, brightening benefits. Always dilute Mandarin oil in a carrier oil before applying it to your skin.

Common Mandarin Oil Uses

Mandarin oil can renew your complexion and promote the growth of new skin cells.

  • Diffuse for stress relief
  • Aromatherapy benefits
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Energetic wellness
  • Antiseptic qualities 
  • Brightening when used in skincare

  Mandarin Oil Products

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