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Mentha piperita

Cruz Hemp Icy Relief Body Oil Roll-on uses pure therapeutic grade Peppermint oil for its scent and skin cleansing properties. Blended with our superior quality CBD, this formula is tried, tested and true. The synergy of these powerful plants brings you a higher quality skincare experience.


A precious oil used in ancient times and still prevalent today, Peppermint oil has been uncovered in Egyptian tombs and ceremonial sites. Peppermint has a long history of uses dating back to the 15th century. It wasn’t until the middle of the 18th century that Peppermint was utilized for its medicinal properties in Western Europe and England. Today, over 75% of Peppermint oil is cultivated in the USA.

The medicinal qualities of Peppermint are derived from the whole plant. The oils are found in cells on the underside of the leaves and are collected from partially dried plant leaves. Cruz Hemp Peppermint essential oil is extracted through a steam distillation process. When the flowering plants are distilled, they can provide up to 80% menthol. The menthol content varies depending upon climate, habitat, and where the Peppermint is grown and determines the quality of the essential oil. Cruz Hemp Mentha piperita Peppermint essential oil is 100% pure.


Peppermint oil eases inflamed tissues, reduces muscle spasms, stimulates circulation, and eases nervousness. Cruz Hemp 100% pure Peppermint oil can be rubbed on the back of the neck and temples to relieve headaches and feelings of nausea. When using Peppermint oil on your skin, it is best to dilute it by adding it to a carrier oil. Add Cruz Hemp Peppermint essential oil to our CBD infused Jojoba carrier oil and lather it on for an invigorating experience.

Peppermint extracts flavor many products, including toothpaste and mouthwashes, for its fresh, sharp menthol content. The oil from Peppermint leaves contains menthol, a naturally occurring antiseptic and anesthetic. The menthol that is extracted from Peppermint plants is a common ingredient in topical products used for respiratory congestion, headache, and muscle pain. Medicinally, this plant has been used for centuries for pain relief and for preventing infections. The high menthol content effectively clears the nasal passageways and relieves congestion.

Common Peppermint Oil Uses

Serving a variety of uses from skincare, digestive aid, and headache relief, to soothing cramps and sore muscles. Peppermint belongs to the mint genus along with hundreds of other species in the mint family. Add a few drops of Cruz Hemp Peppermint essential oil to a diffuser to enhance mental alertness and boost your energy. Check out the Cruz Hemp DIY recipes for many wonderful Peppermint essential oil uses! Peppermint works great for pain relief, as it produces an icy, cool, numbing sensation.

  • Appetite suppressant- the scent gives you the feeling of being full
  • Enhances mental focus
  • Balances hormones
  • Boots circulation
  • Respiratory support
  • Household air freshener
  • Make a homemade toothpaste with Peppermint oil, coconut oil, and baking soda
  • Mix into the Cruz Hemp CBD Jojoba carrier oil for a wonderful CBD body moisturizing blend.

  Peppermint Oil Products

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