Self Care Practices with Essential Oils

Self Care Practices with Essential Oils


Practicing self-care does not have to be hard, time-consuming, or expensive. Self-care is simple and doesn’t always mean a day at the spa, going to a yoga class, or a good vacation. As we go through the cycles of life, we will inevitably come up against stressful days where we need extra rest and time to regain balance. Self-care is rewarding, and the benefits extend beyond yourself. When you are present, and in good health, you can perform at your best and truly give to your loved ones. If you have a hard time giving to yourself because your list of to-dos is never-ending, you are not alone. We have some simple ways aromatherapy can enhance your quality of life and support your overall wellness, without requiring much effort. 

Incorporating aromatherapy into your daily regimen can provide lasting value. The practice of using oils extracted from flowers, roots, leaves, and whole plants is known as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years. Aromatherapy has the potential to enhance psychological and physical well being. The powerful nature of each plant’s oil possesses healing qualities through scent and its chemical components. Some oils are great for skin and aid in clearing up fungal infections or reducing inflammation. Other oils aromas produce relaxation, balance emotions, and may alleviate anxiety. 


Essential oil uses for daily self-care:

Skincare with Essential Oils:


Using skincare products with essential oils, or making your own is a wonderful way to receive the benefits of aromatherapy daily and purify your skin. Using essential oils as a part of your face care regimen can have wonderful results. Tea tree and lavender oil can help blemishes, frankincense has lovely anti-aging properties, and sweet orange oil can speed up the healing of scars and brighten skin. It is important that you always dilute your essential oils in a carrier oil for topical applications, especially on the face. Try Cruz Hemp’s CBD infused Organic Jojoba Carrier Oil or experience the Rejuvenate Skin Serum Roll-on. Rejuvenate combines the power of CBD with therapeutic grade essential oils rejuvenated and radiant skin. Apply daily and experience the difference in the power of plant-based skincare. Check out Cruz Hemp’s DIY skincare recipes under the news button on our site.


Essential Oils For Balance and Enhancing Moods:


The olfactory system in our brain functions by connecting scents to our limbic system, which holds emotions and memories. The thalamus sends smell information to our hippocampus and amygdala, the regions of the brain associated with learning and memory. 

Certain smells have the ability to stimulate emotions like joy, focus, bliss, excitement, and peace. Using essential oils to calm us down, refresh our minds, or lift our hearts on a hard day is a great way to benefit from the power of plants. Cruz Hemp’s essential oils can be added to a carrier oil, lotion, bath or diffuser for a boost of aromatherapy.


Essential oils in the Bath and Shower:


Adding 5 drops of your favorite essential oil to your bath can provide relief and relaxation. Unplug and take time to care for yourself with an aromatherapy bath or shower. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your body wash or shampoo. Hot soaks with Epsom salts and essential oils work wonders to provide relief from sore muscles and comfort after a stressful day. Listen to your body’s needs and select an essential oil to support how you are feeling. Place a shower steamer on the floor in your shower to release the oils into the steam for an invigorating experience. Click here to check out Cruz Hemp’s DIY essential oil shower steamers recipe in our blog.


Cleaning with Essential Oils:


Cleaning the house mindfully and cleaning with essential oils can enhance your cleaning experience with aromatherapy. Some people find cleaning to be relaxing and restorative. Bringing order to chaos and spending time organizing may help you relax more. Start incorporating essential oils into your cleaning, eliminate chemicals in your home, and enhance your cleaning experience with aromatherapy. Click here for Cruz Hemp’s DIY multi-purpose essential oil cleaner recipes. 


Discover recipes and articles in the Cruz Hemp News section that can support you living your best life! Find new ways to incorporate aromatherapy and mindfulness into ordinary tasks. Set aside time for daily self-care to enhance the quality of life and well being.

The information provided herein is for informational and illustrative purposes only and not intended as healthcare recommendations. If you suffer from any sort of physical injury or health condition, please consult with your professional healthcare providers before attempting to utilize any practices, recipes, or techniques described in this article.

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