Sunflower Oil

Cruz Hemp Sunflower Oil

Cruz Hemp’s organic Sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E, delivers vital hydration and nutrients to the skin barrier, and supports new cell growth. Consistently using Sunflower oil in your skincare regime will promote a healthier natural glow, and protect against the natural degradation that comes with age. Its antioxidants, like vitamin E, neutralize free radicals.


The Sunflower plant, native to North America, is a member of a genus of about 50 species in the same family as the Calendula, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, and Gerbera flowers. Sunflowers are believed to be the first domesticated crop by Native Americans, even before corn, dating back 5,000 years. Native North Americans used Sunflowers for food and medicine, fibers, dyes, and the making of musical instruments and bird snares. By the 1500s, early Spanish explorers took this native exotic plant to Europe as an ornamental flower. In the 1800s, the medicinal and culinary uses of Sunflower oil became well known and Sunflowers started to be commercially produced.  


Sunflower oil is rich in antioxidants and can increase the body’s ability to defend infections. This soothing oil is also packed with linoleic acid and omega-six fatty acids, making it effective for reducing inflammatory skin symptoms. Sunflower oil supports a healthy skin barrier by sealing moisture into your skin and maintaining a soft, youthful complexion. You will notice a reduction in wrinkles and blemishes from using Sunflower oil in your skincare.

Cruz Hemp’s Sunflower oil comes from organically farmed Sunflowers. These Sunflowers undergo a drying process in the field and are then stored until ready to be pressed. The seeds are separated for their oil and cold-pressed, meaning they are slowly squeezed until the oil is released without added heat. The only heat comes from the friction as the seeds are slowly squeezed together. As the seeds are tightly pressed, the temperature is monitored to ensure a high-quality oil. The newly pressed oil settles and is then lightly filtered to remove any additional fine particles. The result is pure and natural, unrefined, Sunflower oil ready to be blended into our skincare formulas.

Common Sunflower Oil Uses

You can apply Sunflower oil to promote scar and wound healing. Sunflower oil’s antibacterial, anti-aging, properties are suitable for use around the eyes and may reduce premature signs of aging if used consistently.

  • Apply oil under eyes before bed
  • Apply to hair to soften and hydrate, repair damage, and address thinning
  • Soften calloused, rough, and dry skin
  • Anti-inflammatory facial treatment for breakouts
  • Add to bath to soften skin 
  • Soothing for sunburned skin
  • Carrier oil for mixing with essential oils

Sunflower Oil Products

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