The Inspiring Tao Porchon-Lynch: The world’s oldest Yoga Teacher

The Inspiring Tao Porchon-Lynch: The world’s oldest Yoga Teacher


Cruz Hemp has decided to create a series of posts to honor individuals that epitomize the notion of Living Your Best Life. These people have no affiliation with Cruz Hemp, do not endorse Cruz Hemp products, and may not have even heard of Cruz Hemp. We simply want to recognize those unique accomplishments that inspire us.

Tao Porchon-Lynch accomplished many things in her lifetime. One of the greatest gifts she gave the world was teaching yoga. She held the world record for oldest yoga teacher. At 101 years old, Tao was teaching yoga classes in New York. She had a positive influence on many. Beyond being a teacher, yogi, author, activist, ballroom dancer, actor, and more, Tao demonstrated health, vibrance, and joy throughout her life. Those who knew her said she had an ageless quality that emanated through everything she did. She is remembered for her contributions to yoga and the foundations she built that have influenced many yoga students around the world. 


Tao’s relationship with yoga began at the age of eight. She was inspired by a group of male yogis on the beach making amazing shapes with their bodies. Tao decided she wanted to do the same thing so she started to practice yoga. She went on to explore many other arts throughout her life such as acting, ballroom dancing, modeling and more. In 1950 Tao trained with some of the world’s greatest yogis. She taught yoga to many famous actors and actresses from her Hollywood circles during her acting days.


In 1967 Tao abandoned her acting jobs to become a full-time yogi and teacher. She was one of the founders of the Yoga Teachers Alliance, where most yoga teachers worldwide have completed their yoga training. She established her yoga practice in New York and in 1982 founded the Westchester Institute of Yoga. To this day yoga students and teachers from around the world collaborate through the foundations she built. She also wrote an autobiography, released in October 2015, Dancing Light: The Spiritual Side of Being Through the Eye of a Modern Yoga Master.


The inspirational influences Tao had in her life led her to accomplish many great things. Tao said her uncle was one of her greatest role models. He always taught her to win the day with gratitude. He reminded her as a child to see the gift in every day. Each moment brings beauty. We can all practice being more present to feel the gift of life.

Tao had an infectious smile and radiant energy that flowed through her abundantly. She lived her best life by being her extraordinary self, spreading joy to many through her teachings. Tao is an incredible example, and role model for the extraordinary energy that flowed through her. She gave her yoga practice the credit for joy and wellness she maintained throughout her life. Yoga meant life to Tao. She said yoga is in everything from the blade of grass to the human spirit. She demonstrated joy and her love for life through all her works. Maintaining a daily yoga practice supported a clear, energized and present mind, which set Tao up with the tools to accomplish many things in her long life. Tao died in February 2020. She lived a full healthy life and shared positive messages through everything she did. Her teachings are everlasting. She has shown us you can be young at any age. If you practice yoga or are considering trying it, it is never too late. Tao reminds us that yoga is life. Just breathing and being aware of the moment is all you need to start.  Practicing yoga is a great way for anyone who is interested in having more peace and strength in body and mind. It is never too late to improve your quality of life. Learn more about Tao here.

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