Laboratory Results

Why Laboratory Results

Cruz Hemp is a trusted supplier of pure, effective plant based CBD topicals. We maintain the highest standards of quality and transparency with our CBD isolate and put processes and policies in place to ensure each bottle of Cruz Hemp CBD meets our stringent quality standards. To meet our standards, each batch of Cruz Hemp CBD is sent out to 2 independent laboratories for testing. The testing process looks at the cannabinoid profile, THC detection, insecticides and heavy metals.  for purity and potency delivering you the exact amount of CBD labeled on your product each time. Best of all, we present you with each batch’s laboratory results. 

Understanding Your Laboratory Results

Our laboratory results Batch Identification Code is on each and every product containing any amount of CBD we offer. The results can be viewed by placing the Batch Identification Code into our Laboratory Results Search Engine which can be found by clicking here. We have crafted this brief guide to help you interpret the report on your CBD.

What’s in your Laboratory Results

Cruz Hemp’s laboratory results are broken out into four sections. The first Section shows the summery of the results for the batch. The second section displays the results of the cannabinoids and THC level, Cruz Hemp ensures that each back is always THC Free. The third breaks down pesticide levels measured by micrograms per gram. Lastly, the fourth section shows the results for heavy metals.

Additionally, you will see acronyms you may not be familiar with. Here are some of the common acronyms and their meanings. 


None Detected


Limit of Qualification


Limit of Detection


Lower Limit Detection


Average Per Microgram

Section 1 Summary of Results

The first section of your product’s laboratory results shows a summary of the batch results including; THC content, Pesticides, Solvents, Heavy Metals and Microbial Impurities. Additionally, there is a direct link to the laboratory in the QR code. 

Section 2 Cannabinoids

The second section of your product’s laboratory results shows the cannabinoid analysis results. For example, the laboratory results below validate the total Cannabinoids present in your product. The Total THC and Total CBD at the bottom of this section illustrate the total amount for each of those specific compounds. Cruz Hemp CBD Isolate is THC-FREE in all of our products. 

Section 3 Pesticides

The third section of your product’s laboratory results shows a comprehensive repot of potential pesticides per milliliter in the batch. In the following example, each item that received an “ND” represents a Not Detectable result. Also shown is the Reporting Limit, or acceptable amount of each pesticide. Each pesticide is measured in an average of each microgram per gram (μg/g).

Section 4 Solvents, Heavy Metals and Microbiologicals

Section four of your lab results shows you the solvents, microbiologicals and heavy metals analysis. The results in this example show “ND” or none detected. The Action Limit column shows the micrograms per gram deemed safe for product absorption or consumption. Each material is measured in an average per microgram per gram (μg/g). Cruz Hemp products will always meet and or exceed the product safety requirements for safe absorption and accurate levels of CBD within all of our products.

Laboratory Results


Accessing your products laboratory results is simple.

  • Locate the 6 digit batch number on your product label.
  • Type the batch number in the search field below and click “Search”.
  • You will be directed to your products laboratory results.

If your product label does not contain a printed lot number as described on this page, please enter 101002 or 101003 to retrieve the laboratory result for your product.

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