Using CBD Massage Oil

Using CBD Massage Oil


Today many spas and massage therapists are incorporating CBD massage oil into their practices. The American Massage Therapy Association reports 60% of people who see a massage therapist go for pain and soreness. Massage therapy is popular for stress relief, pain management, body soreness, and sports injuries. Many people report CBD massage has helped them with stiff, sore muscles and exercise induced inflammation. Using CBD massage oil is a wonderful way to promote overall wellness and ease to enhance your everyday performance.


Professional massage therapists see an increase in interest, and the potential CBD has to enhance overall wellness. Cruz Hemp CBD infused Organic Jojoba oil makes an excellent massage oil for the whole body. It is hypoallergenic and gentle enough for most skin types. Our organic Jojoba oil is non-greasy and will leave your skin feeling healthy and supple by providing moisture balance. Click here to find Cruz Hemp massage oil recipes. 


The massage oil you or your massage therapist chooses is important for the physical action itself. Massage oils containing cannabidiol- a natural component of hemp extract, are becoming more popular. The absorption of CBD, combined with deep massage, may be therapeutic for reducing tension and inflammation in the body. CBD massage has the potential to provide lasting results and may do more for you than providing a moment of relief.


If you enjoy massage, you are probably aware of the benefits it has to soothe muscles, release deep tension in the body, and stimulate circulation and blood flow. This can lead to a variety of mental and physical health benefits. Inflammation in the body is commonly caused by pain and soreness. The physical action of massage increases circulation, which reduces inflammation providing therapeutic benefit to the full body.


How to Use CBD Massage Oil

Whether you visit a spa for massage or use your massage oil at home, here are some tips for CBD massage. Your massage therapist may offer CBD massage oil. You may be able to bring your own CBD massage oil with you when you visit your massage therapist.


Here are a few quick tips to getting the most out of your CBD massage:


  1. Know the amount of CBD oil in the massage oil you choose. 
  2. If you are blending your own massage oil with Cruz Hemp CBD jojoba oil and essential oils, remember that a small amount of essential oil goes a long way. Refer to our massage oil recipes for directions. (Click here for recipes) 
  3. Prepare your massage space so you are free of distractions.
  4. Light candles or listen to relaxing music.
  5. Before your massage, wash hands and body. 
  6. Apply your CBD massage oil generously to your skin. Ideally, you will have a massage therapist do that part.
  7. For self use, warm oil between your palms and rub into your neck and shoulders thoroughly.
  8. When your massage is done, pat your body off with a towel to remove any extra oil. Allow oil to absorb into the skin before washing off.


Why Choose CBD Massage?


Research and evidence on hemp is limited, so we can only provide information on how CBD may help you and share our discoveries through our own use of CBD topicals.

The information provided herein is for informational and illustrative purposes only and not intended as healthcare recommendations. If you suffer from any sort of physical injury or health condition, please consult with your professional healthcare providers before attempting to utilize any practices, recipes, or techniques described in this article.

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